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"Any non-profit or any company/firm requiring expertise in change management, innovation, fundraising, operations, programming, leadership development and/or governance would be incredibly lucky to have Lou.”  Abby F, Volunteer Leader.

What We Can Do For You

Strategic Business Planning
Dynamic Change Solutions offers innovative strategic and business planning with implementation timelines and clear benchmarks. We work with you each step of the way to produce results. We work with organizations as long-term partners to develop and implement changes, and then guide them through the process.

Strategic Philanthropy
Every organization is under extreme pressure to boost revenue every cycle. Competition for funds grows daily. So sophisticated, successful fundraising strategies are critical. Whether you are seeking to enhance your annual giving campaign, create a special campaign, increase your major gifts program, or grow planned giving efforts, Dynamic Change Solutions can help you achieve success.

Change and Innovation Planning
Facing internal or external change? Seeking new innovative strategies? Dynamic Change Solutions prepares leadership, board and staff for successful adaptation and culture shifts. Our change processes and assessment tools, including Myers Briggs(R) and the Change Style Inventory(R) find ways to help you successfully adapt for new environments and strategies. We partner with you to create an innovative culture that can develop dynamic and exciting strategies that will result in greater successes for your organization.

Outreach and Engagement
Nobody can breathe in a vacuum. You constantly engage membership, key stakeholders, major donors and strategic partners with meaningful outreach every day. A successful organization must always be enhancing and growing its outreach and engagement efforts. We work with you to assess your current efforts and implement enhanced efforts resulting in increased participation, leadership and revenues.

Board Governance Analysis, Enhancement, Restructuring and Board Development
What’s more important – or challenging – than your relationship with your board?  Changes in congressional and funder oversight now require boards to operate in a far more transparent and structured manner. Dynamic Change Solutions will ensure that your board operates at the optimum level. We can work with you to analyze current board governance, make changes when needed, and shepherd your volunteer and professional leadership through the process.

Leadership Development and Motivation

People make every organization or business run.  Even the most ingenious structure or concept won’t succeed if your staff and volunteers don't feel engaged and cannot grow. Dynamic Change Solutions has proven leadership development programs to train and motivate staff and volunteers, or we’ll design a comprehensive leadership development strategy so everyone in your organization, from top to bottom, is energized again.

Performing at your highest level is the goal of all effective professionals. We create a custom coaching strategy to help you achieve your personal and professional objectives and find fulfillment in your career. 

Change Readiness 
Fire Up the Troops!  Without a sharply trained, enthusiastic team, tackling change is a tough job. Dynamic Change Solutions offers creative, powerful resources to assess change readiness at all levels, and then trains everyone from your board, your management team, your mid-level staff, and your volunteers to attack new goals with excitement.  Many a solid strategic plan sits on the shelf, not because it didn’t have buy-in or implementation steps, but rather because the organization had not taken the needed steps to prepare its people for the necessary operational and emotional changes. Dynamic Change Solutions works with its clients to assess the organization’s change readiness state and put into place the necessary strategies to implement successful change. 

Organizational/Program Evaluation

Dynamic Change Solutions works with organizations and companies to evaluate their performance in identified, key areas.  These evaluation tools can be used for either internal or external stakeholders and are key to growing impact and energizing donors.

How? Here are a few ways we can work with you:

• Facilitating meetings or retreats
• Motivational Speeches and Workshops
• Coaching
• Organizational and operational assessments
• Facilitated strategic planning processes
• Data acquisition and analysis projects
• Visioning Exercises
• Evaluations

Dynamic Change Solutions performs all of our work on a project fee basis. We do not charge an hourly or daily rate. You shouldn’t have to make a cost-based decision every time you need our assistance, nor should your volunteers or professionals have to get approval to spend money if they need help.

“Lou has a great understanding of nonprofit management, organizational systems, communal concerns and challenges, along with strategies to address those concerns."  Fred G., Synagogue Rabbi 

Don’t just react to change.
We can show you how to anticipate change, lead change and get a head start on your competition.

The only thing you can depend on these days is that tomorrow, things will change.
So what can Dynamic Change Solutions do to put you in charge?

We are your partner every step of the way. We don’t swoop in, suggest disruptive changes, and disappear. We understand that your people and your mission require a long-term vision, direction and strategy that can be fully implemented.

We assess your current business plan, board structure, leadership, programming and revenue-generation efforts. Dynamic Change Solutions delivers long-term strategic and fundraising planning, leadership and staff training, enhanced outreach and engagement techniques and will devise and implement tactics for progressive growth. We instill passion in your board, management team, and staff through motivational training programs. If your organization is experiencing an executive transition, we can help calm the troops and keep them on track to success.

We provide these targeted consulting services, plus even more

• Strategic business planning
• Strategic philanthropy
• Change and innovation planning
• Outreach and engagement
• Board governance analysis, enhancement and restructuring
• Leadership development and motivation
• Coaching
• Change readiness
• Organizational/Program evaluation

Looking for an extra boost of motivation to get ready for a big campaign or changing business landscape? Leadership retreats and staff training sessions can be designed just for you.

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